Career Development


Elevate your career

At Ranger Energy, our vision is to ensure that every employee has the opportunity to thrive, to develop your skills, and to advance throughout your career.

Ranger views Competency Assurance as being an integral part of the employment life cycle and providing high quality services. By focusing on Onboarding, Training, and Development throughout your career, you will be armed to complete your job with Ranger quality standards, to excel and to advance your career. As a result, Ranger deploys highly qualified completion and workover teams capable of performing multiple rig based positions. Many of the best crew members possess the experience and ability to work in multiple roles ranging from Floorhand to Rig Operator.



All new employees complete a three day Ranger Boot Camp including SAFE LAND safety training and Ranger Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) training. New employees are assessed on their work experience and ability to complete a general knowledge questionnaire. Employees new to well servicing and with limited oilfield experience are classified as a Short Service Employee (SSE). An SSE receives additional hands-on training, coaching, and mentoring over 180 days with periodic management readiness and development assessments.


At Ranger everyone has the opportunity to thrive in an environment of learning and continuous improvement. Our Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to help you to access multiple high-quality e-learning programs which allow for opportunities to enhance your skills. The LMS provides access to multiple high-quality e-learning programs which include certifications. In addition, the LMS tracks and maintains Ranger’s three step process of ensuring SOP competency: (1) SOP training, (2) SOP demonstration, and (3) SOP testing.

Leadership Development

The Ranger Leadership Development Workshop is designed for front-line and mid-level management to help you advance throughout your career. The four day workshop emphasizes the Ranger Positive Energy Culture, values, and motivation, providing feedback and managing up, management concepts and styles, diversity in the workplace, team building, employee selection, time management, self-assessment, discipline and separation.

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