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Ranger Live™ revolutionizes the industry.

Ranger Energy Services has developed the Ranger Live mobile platform to deliver a customized suite of applications to our field crews at the job site via tablet. This platform allows the crew to access data on the job site and to input data that is stored on Ranger’s servers. The Ranger Live™ Customer Portal offers access via any device from any location to real-time job data and post job metric reports.


The eQHSE application gives every crew member easy access to Ranger’s safety and quality system. All of our policies, procedures, forms, safety alerts and push notifications are available via the app keeping our crews up to date anytime there is a notification they need to be aware of. They have access to our Learning Management System with SOP training and assessment, as well as Short Service Employee Program Management. Crew members can also enter observations via the app, the appropriate QHSE personnel are notified and manage the observation. Corrective actions are then pushed out to all impacted employees to educate them about the situation and the corrective actions.


The eDrive application makes sure our crews and vehicles are staying safe out on the road. This application enables driver behavior monitoring including real-time vehicle location and out of tolerance metric alerts. Further, driver behavior improvement is facilitated by providing a monthly driver scorecard. Dashboards and reports within this application allow management to ensure Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration compliance for our DOT-regulated vehicles. Work orders are also populated so that preventative and routine maintenance and repairs can be performed in a timely manner.

eTicket is a part of Ranger Live & provides customers with activity reporting, KPI metrics, post-job metrics via your smart phone.
eTicket is a part of Ranger Live & provides customers with activity reporting, KPI metrics, post-job metrics via your smart phone.


The eTicket application is used to document work activities and services performed during a job. At the end of each shift, Ranger’s supervisors provide an eTicket to the customer including well, personnel, equipment and service details. After receiving customer approval, the eTicket is synchronized with the Ranger server and processed for invoicing. Further, the activity parameters can be queried for operational benchmarking and post-job reporting.


eRIGS™ (Ranger Information Gathering System) is our data acquisition system that gathers data such as pump rates, pressures, volumes, weight, depth, and torque via sensors on the rig and ancillary equipment. This data can be monitored real-time through a Customer Portal or our Operations Control Center. Further, this data may be used for benchmarking and post-job metric reporting. Read more about eRIGS here.


ePMM is Ranger’s preventative maintenance management system. We are able to minimize unscheduled maintenance to our assets by ensuring our equipment is inspected and repaired routinely according to preventative maintenance schedules. Periodic inspections are performed in the field and crews are able to access equipment-specific information including last time the equipment was serviced and certified by scanning a QR code on the piece of equipment.


  • Post job reports
  • Identify best practices
  • Benchmark performance
  • Operations Control Center
  • Ranger Live™ Customer Portal
  • Customer Data Integration
  • Provide operational dashboards
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Troubleshooting and coaching



Ranger Live Mobile Platform flyer providing detailed specs on our suite of applications that are revolutionizing the industry

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