Why Ranger Wireline?


Consistent superior performance

Ranger wireline uses state-of-the-art surface and downhole technology to provide highly efficient wireline and pumping services. See how Ranger is leading the way in delivering consistent superior performance in Safety, Service Quality and Efficiency.

Why Ranger Wireline Safety graphic
Why Ranger Wireline Safety graphic


Safety is our top priority. Our entire organization is committed to ensuring that a proactive safety culture exists throughout the company.

  • Experienced and dedicated field crews deliver flawless execution
  • Employees and others are safeguarded with the authority and accountability to stop work if necessary
  • Critical processes that focus on high impact operations and workflows
  • Increased safety and risk mitigation with the right equipment and processes including greaseless cable, hydraulic latch assemblies, high visibility half-back wireline trucks, wireline modeling, and integrated pumping services
  • Strict compliance with regulatory standards and procedures
  • Field safety and service quality audits by HSE staff and Field Service Managers
Why Ranger Wireline Quality graphic


At Ranger we are focused on providing the highest quality of service while protecting our employees and the environment in which they work. Ranger crews are dedicated and passionate about our business, with a track record of excellence and verified levels of competency. Our formal and on-the-job training practices, process rigor, and our Field Service Quality teams enable us to

  • Demonstrate competency of our workforce on your location
  • Provide consistency in our service delivery
  • Ensure safe and effective operations
Why Ranger Wireline Quality graphic
Why Ranger Wireline Efficiency graphic
Why Ranger Wireline Efficiency graphic


Ranger has streamlined our standard operating procedures to eliminate non-productive time for our customers. Our highly efficient and effective approach will contribute to optimizing your well results.

  • We deliver high operating efficiency due to our fit-for-purpose surface systems and technologies
  • Our perforating gun supply chain is optimized by delivering pre-loaded guns directly from the factory to the jobsite just-in-time
  • We deploy a full spectrum of wireline and pressure pumping services to bring logistical and operating efficiencies to the wellsite
  • Key service efficiency metrics are tracked and are available to our customers for all operations

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