Ranger Information Gathering System


Data At Your Fingertips

Ranger eRIGS™ data acquisition system delivers live, digital wellsite metrics to benchmark operational performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement plans to optimize performance. Engineers, operations managers and customers can view live eRIGS™ dashboards via a cloud portal to monitor progress and performance across multiple operations.

eRIGS data acquisition system dashboard accessed via mobile, desktop and tablet via Ranger Live
eRIGS data acquisition system dashboard accessed via mobile, desktop and tablet via Ranger Live

Cloud Portal

The Cloud portal provides users access to live eRIGS data. Users can see a list of all rigs they have been granted access to along with locations plotted on a map. The user can select a specific rig to access a dashboard with live data from the current rig operation. The Cloud portal includes numerous charts that present a variety of raw and calculated data sets including operational activities entered by the rig operator.

RIGS report

Monitoring and Reporting

Operations control center engineers can monitor performance across multiple rigs to identify anomalies and to provide technical support in real-time. Management can view real-time data and dashboards for situational awareness, daily reporting and decision-making. A dynamic, interactive report can be customized to present data captured during a specific timeframe for daily, weekly or monthly post-job reporting.

RIGS report

Enhancing Operational Performance

Monitoring real-time data from completion and production service operations can offer many potential benefits. These benefits include the ability to improve quality and safety performance, provide technical support, provide troubleshooting and coaching, reduce non-productive time, identify best practices, conduct analytics and trend analysis to benchmark operational performance, identify and implement operational efficiency improvements, and reduce operating costs.


  • Tong torque
  • Block position and depth
  • Hook load and string weight
  • Power swivel torque and RPM
  • Pump in rate, pressure and volume
  • Return rate, wellhead pressure and volume
  • Post job reports
  • Identify best practices
  • Benchmark performance
  • Operations Control Center
  • Ranger Live™ Customer Portal
  • Customer Data Integration
  • Provide operational dashboards
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Troubleshooting and coaching



Ranger eRIGS flyer providing detailed specs on our data acquisition system providing real-time dashboards and a cloud portal

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