Success Where Others Failed: Ranger Fishing Services


Performance Brief

Ranger Energy Services sets a new standard for fishing services.

When a major operator needed to recover 1300′ of capillary string inside a 5-1/2″ casing, they contacted Ranger Energy Services to discuss our proprietary spear and recovery method. One of Ranger’s competitors had been on-site for two weeks attempting to retrieve the capillary string at a slow pace. Ranger stepped in to complete the job quickly and effectively.

In this Performance Bulletin, we discuss:

  • The Challenges and Solutions the operator when they reached out to Ranger Energy Services. 
  • The Solution, our competitor, had been using and the next steps the Operator was considering when Ranger stepped in. 
  • Our results – including how much capillary string was recovered per run – going above and beyond the Operator’s expectations. 


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