Ranger eRIGS™ Data Acquisition System Published in Oil & Gas News March 2021 edition

The eRIGS™ system is one component of the Ranger Live™ Mobile Platform, a customized suite of applications available to Ranger field crews at the job site via tablet. The suite includes eQHSE™ safety and quality management system app, eDrive™ driver behavior management system app, ePMM™ preventive maintenance management system app, eTicket™ electronic ticketing system app, and the eRIGS™ data acquisition system app.

Ranger eRIGS™ data acquisition system delivers real-time data from completion and production service operations to benchmark operational performance, identify and implement best practices, reduce non-productive time, and reduce operating costs. Engineers, operations managers and customers can view live eRIGS™ dashboards via cloud portal to monitor progress and performance across multiple operations and to provide technical support. Ultimately, eRIGS™ delivers consistent and repeatable performance that is scalable across multiple locations and regions.