A Closer Look at Oilfield Operations

Ranger unveiled an innovative 360 Experience at the annual North Dakota Safety Conference (NDSC). This immersive experience allows viewers to get an up-close look at what it’s like to work in the oilfield industry.

“The 360 Experience afforded conference goers the unique opportunity to view the world from a well servicing derrick worker’s perspective,” said Jim Kulis, Vice President of Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental. “It is not for the faint of heart!”

Through the immersive experience, viewers see what it’s like to climb a derrick, latch pipe, and operate a rig. The interactive experience showcases the importance of safety protocols, and quality control measures that Ranger implements in its operations.

“Producing the 360 Experience also laid the groundwork for Ranger’s continuing use of the technology to enhance training and prepare workers to perform safely in the field,” Kulis said.

From capturing high-definition footage on location to editing and post-processing the content, the process of creating the 360 Experience took a few months of preparations. The team’s dedication to showcasing the intricacies of oilfield work shines through in the final presentation, offering a unique glimpse into life on the rig.

By leveraging innovative technology and creative storytelling, Ranger has brought to life the daily challenges and triumphs of working in this dynamic field.

A big thank you to our Ranger QHSE team members who helped put this together:

Jim Kulis, Vice President – Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental
Travis Hall, Director QHSE
Margaret Miner, QHSE Manager – Wireline/ Pressure Pumping
Toby Mattingly, QHSE Manager North
Patrick Tippet, QHSE Advisor II
Kelly Lipp, Training Manager