Ranger Energy is Driving New Thinking! Looking for ways to reduce the cost of your well service operation? The new Ranger TOPS™ is a Tong Operating and Positioning System that allows closed mouth power tubing tongs to be operated from a remote location on a mobile service rig to make up and break out tubing connections. TOPS™ can be operated remotely by a second floor worker or by the rig operator with one less floor worker. This flexibility makes it a “fit for market” tool that reduces safety exposure to our employees in either application. Further, it decreases the risk of hand injury while maintaining the operational speed of a mobile service rig. TOPS™ can be used with our high-spec service rigs in a comprehensive solution for well maintenance, major workover, well completion and P&A operations. TOPS™ can 1) Reduce crew by one person, 2) Increase safety & operational speed, 3) Reduce hand injuries on the rig floor, and 4) Speed up the pipe make up/break out process. Watch this intro and contact us at sales@rangerenergy.com for more information. US Patent Pending.