Derrick Hand elevates safety standards at Milliken Rig 5006

In the realm of employee safety, recognition of outstanding performance is essential to promote a culture of excellence and responsibility within the workplace. Oxy recently had the pleasure of experiencing such exemplary conduct during a safety captain visit to Rig 5006 out of Ranger’s Milliken Yard.

Derrick Hand Salvador Bocanegra displayed exceptional professionalism and attention to detail during our recent visit, wrote Richard Chaidez, a Lead HSE for Oxy.

“Upon arrival at the site, Salvador immediately took charge to ensure that our visitor was well-informed and equipped for the tasks ahead. He provided a comprehensive explanation of the rig’s Job Safety Analysis (JSA), highlighted restricted areas, and outlined operational procedures with clarity and precision,” wrote Chaidez.

Chaidez wrote that one of the key aspects of Salvador’s performance was his meticulous guidance on safety protocols for entering the pad and exiting the vehicle.

“Salvador’s attention to detail was evident as he meticulously directed our representative on safety protocols for entering the pad and exiting their vehicle. Salvador made sure to communicate all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protocol expected while on site.,” he wrote.

“It is employees like Salvador who make a significant difference in fostering a culture of safety and excellence within the workplace. His exemplary conduct reflects positively on your team and organization as a whole,” Chaidez wrote.

“Oxy would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for Ranger 5006, and for Salvador’s outstanding performance. Please extend our gratitude to him and consider this email as a formal recognition of his commendable efforts.”

Employees like Salvador play a crucial role in fostering a culture of safety and excellence within the workplace. His commitment to ensuring a safe environment for all personnel reflects positively not only on Rig 5006, but also on the organization as a whole.

Salavador’s exceptional performance serves as a shining example of how individual dedication can positively impact overall safety standards.

Ranger extends its sincere appreciation to Salvador for his commitment to maintaining a safe work environment. HIs dedication to safety serves as a testament to the high standards upheld at Ranger, and we are proud to have such exemplary employees on our team.