Andrews crew sets high safety standards with impressive achievement

Left to right: Chevron Customer Rep. Ismael Franco, Signal Site Safety Representative Gauge Gonzales, Derrick Hand Julio Guevara, Truck Driver Carlos Nalasco, Reverse Unit Operator Eliazar Ybanez, Supervisor Saul Salazar, Floor Hand Martin Lechuga, and Floor Hand Oscar Arias.

In the oil and gas industry, safety is paramount. It is not only a requirement but a core value that drives operations and decisions. At Rig 672, located in Andrews, TX, safety is not just a priority – it is a way of life. Recently, Rig 672 reached an impressive milestone of 7 years without any incidents, showcasing their unwavering commitment to operational excellence.

Since 2017, Rig 672 has faced numerous challenges. Despite shifts in personnel to industry dynamics, the team has remained steadfast in their dedication to safety and quality. The team’s discipline and resilience have been evident in every operation, whether it’s at McElroy for High Volume or the former RWW site. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of every individual involved in Rig 672’s operations.

At Rig 672, safety is more than just a set of rules and regulations – it is a culture. Every member of the team understands the importance of their role in maintaining a safe work environment. From the rig hands to the supervisors, everyone is committed to upholding the highest safety standards. This shared commitment has been the key to Rig 672’s success and has allowed them to achieve this significant milestone.

As Rig 672 celebrates 7 years of incident-free operations, they extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who have supported them along the way. From the leadership at Chevron to the crew on the rig, everyone has played a crucial role in this achievement. This milestone is not just a moment to celebrate but a reminder of the importance of safety in everything they do. With the dedication and expertise of their team, they are confident that they will continue to uphold the highest standards of safety and operational excellence.