From the field to the news room, Ranger highlights role of field workers

Viewpoint filming crew interviews Ranger Rig Crew 1431 about their experience working for Ranger at a Chevron well site in the Permian Basin.

It’s 7 a.m. and Rig Crew 1431 is gathered at a Chevron well site for their morning safety meeting. Dressed in grey overalls with white hard hats, the crew leans in as a Chevron Site Supervisor begins the safety meeting.

It’s a familiar scene that plays out each day at rig sites across the Permian Basin for well service providers like Ranger Energy Services, one of the largest providers of high-spec rigs in the U.S.

“There are over 1 million oil and gas wells in the United States and they have to be maintained,” said Stuart Bodden, CEO of Ranger Energy Services. “And that’s what we do at Ranger.”

That’s why Ranger partnered with Chevron in April to host a production crew from the Viewpoint Project with Dennis Quad. They documented Rig Crew 1431’s day-to-day operations at a well site in the Permian Basin, to showcase the vital role field employees play in the energy sector.

“Their stories need to be told because most people don’t understand the hard work and dedication that all oil industry people put in,” said Jesus Rondan, a District Superintendent for Ranger. “We have made careers out of this industry to provide for our families.”

Rondan, who joined Ranger in 2011, has worked his way up the ranks from being a Supervisor, to an Operations Supervisor to now overseeing 16 to 22 rigs and managing 80 to 130 employees in his current role for Ranger.

One of the newest crew members at the site was Johnatan C. Dominguez, a floor hand who joined Ranger in January. “I never imaged that nothing like this would happen to me in this line of work,” Dominguez said. “I’m very happy and proud that I was included in the video.”

“Ranger is leading the way with a diverse workforce and providing good jobs for Americans,” Bodden said.

Ranger’s Viewpoint segment is expected to air in the coming months. To learn more about the Viewpoint with Dennis Quad visit