Just as Ranger trains our team members about electrical safety on the job, everyone should teach their children about electrical safety around their homes.

Young children are naturally curious and are quick to explore the world, so it’s essential to protect them and teach them electrical safety tips that can keep them safe and alert:

  • Install safety caps and covers over all outlets to keep your kids safe. Installing safety caps and covers on outlets prevents children from inserting objects into the outlet, protecting them from shock.
  • Prevent accidents by teaching your kids to avoid yanking on cords. Tell your kids not to pull on electrical cords. Yanking can damage or fray the cord, compromise electrical safety, and cause heavy objects to fall onto them. For kids, show them to pull cords out of an outlet by carefully holding the plug and not pulling on the cord.
  • Place dangerous appliances out of reach of small children. Keep dangerous appliances away from children until they’re old enough to operate them properly and understand electrical safety at home. Tips include storing toasters, blenders and electric kettles on high shelves or in locked cupboards—anywhere children cannot access them.

Safety is an integral part of everything we do at Ranger Energy Services, especially when it comes to our family. Safety on the job is the same as safety at home. It’s always our common goal.

For additional resources, visit the ESFI page dedicated to kids safety or the switchedonkids.org page to have an interactive experience identifying common electrical hazards in your home.