Quebec Fleet recognized with Alpha Award for exceptional service

We are immensely proud to confer Ranger Energy Services’ prestigious Alpha Award to the Quebec Fleet located in Williston, North Dakota. This honor is a testament to the exceptional achievements and steadfast dedication of the crews, which have significantly elevated industry standards through their unparalleled expertise and commitment to Ranger and its customers.

The Quebec Fleet, comprising the skilled and dedicated members from the Blue, Green and Red Crews include: Wireline Engineer Bryan Schmidt, Wireline Operator Andrew Moja, Wireline Operator Josh Rajewsky, Wireline Operator Adam Meyers, Wireline Lead Operator Nolan Robidoux, Wireline Engineer Edward Miller, Wireline Operator Angel Villasenor, Wireline Operator Lawrence Tuihalamaka, Wireline Operator Jordan Erickson, Wireline Operator Jaime Gomez, Wireline Operator Kevin Simons, Wireline Operator Mark Palepale, Wireline Engineer Brian Lord, Wireline Engineer Todd Caulfield, Wireline Operator Mike Dennison, Wireline Lead Operator John Caicedo, Wireline Operator Chase Cabe, and Wireline Operator Aisa Kelemete.

The crews have collectively achieved an outstanding feat of completing seven perfect pads in a row, a clear indicator of their technical prowess and unyielding commitment to excellence.

Their unwavering high performance is a hallmark of their operations. The professionalism exhibited by each member of the Quebec Fleet sets a commendable example in the industry. Their quick response and effective resolution of field events underscore their operational agility and continuity.

A key to their success is the effective communication between the field and office, establishing a strong foundation for their exceptional teamwork. This collaborative spirit was instrumental in their record-breaking accomplishment of completing 48 stages in a mere 24 hours.

The Quebec Fleet’s exemplary approach to equipment management has ensured all tools and machinery are maintained to the highest standards, significantly contributing to their operational efficiency and success.

In customer relations, the Quebec Fleet has consistently gone above and beyond, exceeding expectations, and fostering lasting relationships with clients built on trust and mutual respect.

In receiving the Alpha Award, the Quebec Fleet has exemplified the utmost professionalism and performance, setting a high benchmark in the industry. We commend them for their extraordinary achievements and outstanding contribution to Ranger. Their dedication, skill, and commitment are truly exemplary, and we are honored to recognize them with this prestigious award.