Left to right: Raul Rojas, Supervisor, Humberto Mojica, Rig Supervisor Esteban Contreras, Derrick hand José Varela, Rig Operator Luis Salazar Floor hand Jorge Garcia, Floor Hand, Safety Manager Carlos Trejo, Safety Manager, Damian Brown Floor Hand, Omar Cruz WSR Chevron, Adib Ibrahim Safety Consultant Chevron, Lead Supervisor Manuel Chavira. Not pictured: Floor Hand Javier Franco, Reverse Unit Operator Sixto Levario

Living up to its reputation as a beacon of safety, Rig 1480 in Andrews, TX has recently achieved a milestone worth celebrating. With three exceptional years devoid of any recordables, this feat captures the dedication and top-tier expertise that underlies their operation.

“This means a lot to us” said Humberto Mojica, a Rig Supervisor for Rig 1480. “Three years is countless hours of braving the environment and the weather.”

Rig 1480’s team inherently prioritizes safety, embedding it in their culture and day-to-day operations. Their competence and authority in the field have been instrumental in keeping things running seamlessly.

“We all trust each other,” Mojica said. “We know each person is going to do their job the right way or stop the job as necessary.”

“We all have become our brother’s keeper,” he said.

“Thank you to our management team Jesus Rondan and Edgar Madero who both support every operation promptly and strive for our continuous success,” Mojica said.

A great big thanks to the entire Rig 1480 crew! Your hard work, devotion to safety, and industry know-how have not gone unnoticed.

It’s more than mere admiration; it inspires others to step up, reaching similar heights of safety and work excellence.