From left to right: Wireline Engineer II John Elsenpeter, Operations Manager Britt Harper, Wireline Engineer III James Kott, Wireline Engineer III Cameron Sheppard, Wireline Lead Operator Tanner Underwood, Wireline Lead Operator Rogelio Acevedo, Wireline Lead Operator Cameron Bond, Wireline Lead Operator Cody Propst, Wireline Lead Operator Joseph Strout, Wireline Engineer II James Smith, Wireline Lead Operator Gabriel Soto, Wireline Lead Operator Edgar Carranza. Not pictured Wireline Lead Operator Jacob Bailey and District Manager Mike Adamson.

We congratulate the Brighton Crew for being acknowledged as the Alpha Crew for Q3, demonstrating their commitment to delivering exceptional service and setting a higher standard in their operations.

The Alpha Award is a prestigious recognition within Ranger’s Wireline service line. It signifies excellence, leadership, and outstanding performance in the field.

The Brighton Crew’s Alpha Award title and recognition will extend throughout the next quarter.

“They all have a real ownership to the business, and it shows with their great service quality and commitment,” said Mike Adamson, District Manager for Ranger’s Wireline shop in Brighton, Colorado.

“The Brighton Shop deserves recognition not only for their remarkable performance as a crew but also for their exceptional efforts in submitting observation cards.”

among all the shops, the Brighton Shop has submitted the highest number of observation cards, displaying their commitment to safety, continuous improvement, and proactive engagement in their work.

Way to go Brighton Shop! We commend your efforts and exceptional service.