Just as our Ranger family does work planning on the job, everyone should also do a work plan at home on their DIY projects, especially when it involves family members and neighbors.

Why is it important to do a Work Plan?

Establishing proper work procedures is one of the most effective ways to prevent workplace injuries.

What does a Work Plan do?

  1. Sets Direction and Priorities
    Provides a strategy for the day’s activities so people will know what they should do and in what order to do it. It identifies hazards and how to mitigate them.
  2. Gets Everyone on the Same Page
    Allows for multiple operations (companies/3rd parties) to work together.
  3. Simplifies Decision-making
    Provides a way to have strategies in place before starting a  job so employees know what to do in each situation.
  4. Communicates the Message
    Provides a way to communicate the day’s activities and expectations to all present on location so that they have a clear map for the day.

Safety is an integral part of everything we do at Ranger Energy Services. We teach our employees how to be safe at work so they return home safely to their families, but that safety doesn’t stop when they leave the rig site. We encourage our employees to look at every situation with a safety focus to keep themselves safe and their families. Safety on the job is the same as safety at home. It’s always our common goal.

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