Congratulations on five years of excellence! Your unwavering dedication and strong work ethic have been instrumental in guiding our company’s path. Here’s to your continued success and many more years to come!

Abraham Montoya, Supervisor-Rig
Adam D. Trujillo, Operator I-Rig
Adrian Duenez, Derrick Hand III
Alan A. De La Rosa Martinez, Operator I-Rig
Andrei Moraru, Wireline Engineer III
Andrew Moja, Operator-Wireline IV
Anthony Aleman, Derrick Hand II
Aurelio Tena Venzor, Operator-RAFT
Bobby J. Quinn, Mechanic
Bobbye A. Roubison, Office Admin I
Caleb N. Schwindt, Operator I-Rig
Christopher S. Caston, Wireline Engineer II
Damian Schmidt, Wireline Engineer II
Darion Ehret, Derrick Hand III
Efrain Radilla, Derrick Hand II
Eliseo M. Vasquez, Floor Hand II
Enrique A. Soto, Operator-RAFT
Ernesto Ortiz Portillo, Supvr-Rig
Erwen S. Castaneda, Operator I-Rig
Gerardo Moya, Supervisor-Rig
Guillermo Marquez, Floor Hand III
Haylee A. Fuller, Office Admin I
Isidro M. Juarez Martinez, Operator II-Rig
James Mercer, Manager-Trucking
James V. Kulis, VP-QHSE
Javier J. Salazar, QHSE Advisor II
Jesus A. Rodriguez, Operator III-Rig
Jesus A. Rodriguez, Operator III-Rig
Jesus J. Alderete, Operator II-Rig
Jesus L. Gonzalez, Floor Hand III
Jorge D. Orozco Morales, Operator I-Rig
Jorge E. Favela, Derrick Hand III
Jose A. Varela, Operator I-Rig
Jose P. Flores Marquez, Operator I-Rig
Juan F. Dominguez, Operator I-Rig
Martin Aguilar, Manager-Field Services
Matthew Westhoff, I&E/Maintenance Technician
Melissa Mankins, HR Business Partner
Michael P. Bergin, Wireline Lead Operator
Miguel A. Hernandez, Floor Hand III
Nicholas Pugliese, Manager-Maintenance
Nomberto Flores, Operator-RAFT
Oscar A. Orozco Morales, Operator II-Rig
Osiel Montoya, Supervisor-Rig
Rafael Venegas, Derrick Hand III
Ramiro Flores, Floor Hand III
Robert L. Cunningham Jr., Operator I-Equipment
Rosendo Cardoza Barraza, Operator I-Rig
Santiago Munoz, Derrick Hand I
Senior J. Segovia Balza, Operator II-Equipment
Shaun O. Campbell, Derrick Hand I
Stephen T. Butts, Wireline Lead Operator
Timothy Brumley, P&A Equipment Operator
William Tuihalamaka, Wireline Engineer III