Midland Pump Division achieves goals, boosts business

When it comes to wireline pump down operations in the oil and gas industry, Ranger’s Pump Down Division is at the forefront thanks to professional crews like our Midland team.

“Currently, the Midland Pump Division boasts a team of 26 individuals, with 12 pumps equipped with data recording software. Remarkably, the division has been incident-free since March 2022 and has experienced minimal downtime in 2023,” said David Allison, a Wireline Pumps Manager in Midland.

Allison, who worked with Endeavor throughout 2023, has experienced less than 30 hours of downtime last year.

The 26 employee team is responsible for pumping wireline guns downhole for frac and pre-frac operations like Toe Preps. In addition to this core function,

The division also handles High Rate flushes, Acid Cleanouts, DFIT’s, and Frac Protects. The team typically consists of two-man crews, comprising a supervisor and an operator, utilizing a range of equipment, including High Pressure 2250 HHP frac pumps, generators, iron trailers, command centers, heavy-duty 1502 iron, fuel trailers, boost pumps, and Gooseneck trailers.

Allison said key employee leads Dustin Brooks and David Fears, along with the entire pump team, play a crucial role in the success of the division, with supervisors boasting experience levels ranging from 5 to over 15 years.

“The team’s greatest strengths lie in their ability to execute tasks efficiently, communicate effectively, and uphold a strong safety culture in line with the Ranger way,” said Allison, who has 18 years of experience in Frac Operations. “Despite numerous changes in the Midland yard, the team has remained resolute in adhering to policies and regulations.”

Allison, who joined Ranger as a Pump Truck Supervisor in February 2021, was promoted to Pump Manager in September 2021.

In the past few months, the team has achieved several notable milestones, including 24 months without any incidents, zero HOS violations, and the expansion of their business line to include a wider range of services beyond wireline pumping.

Most of the team’s work has been with Endeavor for 2023, with minimal downtime for that customer and less than 30 hours of downtime in the year with all other customers.

Allison offers this advice for those looking to join the industry.

“Be prepared to work diligently in all weather conditions, prioritize safety at all times, work as a team and demonstrate a willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies and practices,” he said.