Congratulations to the Ranger Energy Services HSE team for receiving the Q1 2021 Positive Energy Belt Award! We are recognizing the HSE team for exemplifying our Positive Energy Purpose and our Core Values during the quarter.
The HSE team exhibited professionalism and positive energy throughout 2020 and 2021 by partnering with operations and our customers to deliver the following accomplishments:
Rise to Challenges
  • Covid-19 response and rebounded from significant downturn
  • Responded to safety events and ongoing case management
  • Completed driver training and ongoing DOT fleet management
Drive New Thinking
  • Expanded the capabilities of our Ranger Live eQHSE application
  • Enabled virtual safety meetings and training
  • Enabled the ability to connect with rig personnel in a personal manner
Raise the Standards
  • Worked towards achieving an international standard certification
  • Implemented a Management Engagement Program
Redefine Service
  • Developed new video fall protection training
  • Established a fully digital and virtual onboarding platform & process
Ranger has a team approach to safety that operations promotes and HSE encourages. This approach has been successful as a result of an engaged operational leadership team and a tremendously competent HSE team. During the quarter, we will pass the belt around to the safety team at each location. This Positive Energy Belt Award is well deserved and please join me in applauding their efforts.