Congratulations to this Ranger Wireline Williston, North Dakota-based crew for being recognized as our Q2 Alpha Crew and for being awarded the Ranger Energy Services Positive Energy Spot Award. 

The “Alpha Crew” is a Ranger Wireline Service Quality honorary title bestowed on the crew with exemplary service quality over the quarter.  The winning crew keeps the title for the following quarter and has a magnetized plaque for their unit. 

This quarter’s Alpha Crew has been integral in growing our Ultrasonic Logging Services. While in the shop, they keep busy working on their tools and truck. Their wireline unit is clean, stocked, and ready to go. They have been willing to help out when asked. They are skilled professionals who are valuable assets to Ranger Energy Services.

The Alpha Crew also received a Ranger Challenger Coin and was awarded the Positive Energy Spot award. These two crew members (pictured holding sign) live our Positive Energy Purpose and Values and encourage others to adopt and implement them. 

Congratulations again to this Williston North Dakota Wireline crew for being designated as the Q2 Ranger Wireline Alpha Crew and for being awarded the Ranger Energy Spot Award!