Congratulations to the Ranger Energy Services Human Resources (HR) team for receiving the Q3 2021 Positive Energy Belt Award! We recognize the HR team for exemplifying our Positive Energy Purpose and our Core Values during the quarter.

The HR team exhibited professionalism and positive energy throughout 2021 by partnering with operations and exemplifying the following Core Values:

We Rise to Challenges – The HR team removed barriers by onboarding over 1200 new employees through the Patriot, PerfX and Basic acquisitions from May to October.

We Redefine Service – The HR team anticipated a need to onboard 750 new employees from Basic, but they exceeded expectations by onboarding 950 new employees in less than 14 days.

We Raise the Standards – The HR team continuously improved by implementing an improved onboarding process. HR learned from the first two rounds of onboarding and coached the legacy Basic employees through entering their own personal information. This enabled a more rapid, seamless and accurate onboarding process.

We Drive New Thinking – The HR team used digital systems to facilitate the onboarding of so many employees in such a short time frame. They also dealt with significant cultural change and trained 30 office managers and admins to help verify I-9s.

The HR team delivered an incredible accomplishment in an all-hands-on-deck initiative. This process involved traveling to over 25 locations to identify prospective employees, extending offer letters, verifying employment, providing access to UKG, enrollment in employee benefits, merging of 401k plans, and creating new facility locations in DISA and Equifax. Many team members worked 14-18 hour days for three weeks to onboard the legacy Basic employees.

Ranger could not accomplish what it does without our valued employees. The HR team plays a vital role in attracting, retaining, developing, and supporting our employees to feel valued by providing exceptional customer service.  During the quarter, we will pass the belt around to the HR team at various locations. Please join me in applauding their efforts of this well-deserved Positive Energy Belt Award.