We drive new thinking. We redefine service. We raise the standards. We Rise to Challenges.

These are the core values that we guide all of our employees to live and support each and every day. This culture is supported throughout our organization and is introduced to our employees from day one. We recently received a message from a major operator who was writing to inform us of the superior performance of one of our wireline crews in Midland.

 The crew who received accolades showcased all of our core values, going above and beyond. They were working on a tough pad, and with every problem, they took on the issue efficiently and safely without showing any frustration. They were proactive in their approach, taking quick action with superior performance beyond the operator’s expectations while maintaining a clean well site and guiding an SSE. 

It does not matter how difficult the job is; our crews are knowledgeable, professional and competent to handle whatever comes their way. This crew encompasses all the core values that make up our culture. Bravo to this crew and all of our crews for always: going above and beyond, driving new thinking, redefining service, raising the standards, and rising to whatever challenges come their way.