Every quarter we award a team at Ranger who has gone above and beyond to exemplify our Core Values. This past quarter we are proud to announce our recipient is the Ranger Account Receivables Team. 

Through acquiring the Basic assets, Ranger hired several outstanding new employees and inherited a much larger customer base that was excited to work with a financially stable well service provider.

As with any major undertaking, there were several challenges to overcome. While most of the customer transitions were operationally uneventful, some back office transitions were more challenging. The team exemplified our Core Values as they worked tirelessly with the operations teams and our customers to enhance our back office accounts receivable process to accommodate the new flow of invoices.

We Drive New Thinking:

The AR team Encouraged input and Kept an open mind as they implemented the Ranger accounts receivable processes in our new field offices. They embraced our new team members adopting new ideas to improve our existing systems.

 We Raise The Standards & Rise to Challenges:

Our accounts receivable team Continuously improved and Removed barriers by directly engaging with one of our largest customers to develop joint teams with the customer to improve cycle times for our receivables. Their efforts materially reduced our Days Outstanding (DSO), enhancing the financial stability of Ranger.

Again Congratulations to this fantastic team for their hard work and dedication.