Congratulations to Ranger Rig Crew 5002 for being recognized by a major DJ Basin operator as part of their Outstanding Operational Excellence Program.

Rig Crew 5002 has “Got Your Six.”  One of the crew members initiated Stop Work Accountability to address an abnormal operating condition. 

Commenting in the award letter, the operator’s VP Wells said, “Your action to stop work and involve the right people allowed the situation to be fully evaluated and prevented what could have been a serious dropped object event. Your action is a great example of what we need to eliminate incidents from our business of Tenets #8 Always address abnormal conditions and Tenets #10 Always involve the right people in decisions that affect procedures and equipment in action. Thank you for your commitment to safety.” 

Ranger Energy Services wants everyone to know that when it comes to Stop Work Accountability, “I Got Your Six.”

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