Congratulations to Ranger Energy Services Denver City Rig Crew 1785 for being recognized by a major Permian Basin operator for properly using Stop Work Accountability. The crew was awarded operator branded hats, tumblers and a cooler.  This crew is also being awarded the Ranger Energy Service Spot Award for raising the standards, redefining service and rising to challenges.

Ranger Rig Crew 1785 has “Got Your Six.”  The rig crew was performing a routine task of unseating the rod pump. During the process of unseating the rod pump, it was determined that the rod pump was stuck.  The rig operator recognized this as a change in job scope from what was originally discussed in the work plan.  The rig operator used SWA and held a meeting to discuss the new hazards that were introduced when the job scope was changed. After amending the work plan with a recognition of hazards, the work resumed.

Ranger Energy Services wants everyone to know that when it comes to Stop Work Accountability, “I Got Your Six.”

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