Ranger celebrates Williston Crew #28 which recently used Stop Work Accountability to review wireline work plan and equipment.  The crew observed that a vent hose in which the inner braided lining was failing.  The crew contacted their supervisor who contacted the company representative. Together they decided to suspend work to replace the hose.  The company and Ranger recognize Crew #28 for doing the right thing and taking the appropriate SWA actions.

As Stuart Bodden, our CEO and President, emphasizes, “At Ranger, SWA stands for Stop Work Accountability. Accountability means obligation. Our employees not only have the authority but the obligation to modify the work plan to perform safely. Ranger shares our customers’ commitment to safety and celebrates the use of SWA by our employees.”

Safety is an integral part of everything we do at Ranger Energy Services – learn more at https://www.rangerenergy.com/about/qhse/