Jose Dominguez, crew member on Rig 5539 out of Wharton Texas, was recently recognized with a Positive Energy Spot Award.  Jose used his Stop Work Accountability (SWA) to call for a review of work procedures involving breaking off a flow line from a tree assembly.

Due to the unknown levels of Hydrogen Sulfide, RES employees would need to don self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCUBAs).  The company that provided the SCUBAs did not have a third party representative on location to ensure that the SCUBAs could be donned correctly and monitor the air supply tanks during the work.  Work was suspended until a certified SCUBA technician was on location.

As Stuart Bodden, our CEO and President, emphasizes, “At Ranger, SWA stands for Stop Work Accountability. Accountability means obligation. Our employees not only have the authority but the obligation to modify the work plan to perform safely. Ranger shares our customers’ commitment to safety and celebrates the use of SWA by our employees.”

Mikey Hopkins, VP Southern Operations, Ranger Well Services, added, “Ranger recognizes Jose Dominguez for doing the right thing by taking the appropriate SWA actions and for living RES’s core values”.

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