BOP Mechanic to retire after 33 years of exceptional service

Meet Manuel Terrazas, also known as Manuel “T”, a remarkable individual who has dedicated over 33 years of his life providing exceptional service to customers in Denver City, Texas.

Despite surviving numerous mergers and acquisitions, economic ups and downs, Manuel has never suffered an injury or experienced employment uncertainty. Now, as he prepares to retire, let us celebrate his fascinating career and the impact he has made here at Ranger Energy Services.

Manuel, a Blowout Preventer Mechanic for Ranger, began his career with a local company known as G & G Well Service, where he initially honed his skills and expertise. Over the years, the company underwent several transformations and name changes, making it akin to a tale from the Old Testament with all the acquisitions and mergers. From G & G Well Service, the company became Pool, which was eventually acquired by Nabors. The chain continued with subsequent acquisitions by C & J, Nextier, and finally culminating under the Ranger Energy Services banner.

“Throughout his entire career, Manuel worked diligently in the BOP Department alongside a dedicated team of long-term members,” said Craig Fletcher, a Field Supervisor for Ranger’s Denver City RAFT Yard.

“His unwavering commitment and expertise played a vital role in establishing the BOP department’s unparalleled reputation in the Permian Basin.”

“Countless loyal customers can attest to Manuel’s contributions and the exceptional service he provided,” he said.

To honor Manuel’s retirement and celebrate his remarkable journey, a cookout was held at the Denver City Yard. The highlight, however, came during the monthly safety meeting held in June. Manuel was presented with a vintage ceramic pig, proudly crafted in Mexico, as a token of appreciation.

The pig was signed with heartfelt good wishes and lighthearted jokes from all of his fellow team members, highlighting the camaraderie and admiration they have for Manuel.

With retirement on the horizon, Manuel is excited for what lies ahead. He has recently purchased a beautiful new home in a premier subdivision in Denver City, a testament to his hard work and dedication over the years. As Manuel embarks on this new chapter of his life, his neighbors can expect a quieter cul-de-sac, as the iconic Ranger Energy Services F-450 winch truck will no longer be parked there every night.

“Manuel Terrazas’ journey in the oil industry spans over three decades, during which he has exemplified experience, expertise, authority, and trust,” Fletcher said. “His unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service to customers, regardless of the challenges he faced, sets him apart.”

“As Manuel moves on to retirement, his impact on the BOP Department at Ranger will be remembered for years to come. It is individuals like Manuel who remind us of the incredible contributions made by dedicated professionals in their respective fields,” he said.