Pump supervisor and pump operator put pressure on raising standards

Congratulations to Pump Supervisor David Kaminski and Pump Operator Tristin Johnson for being recognized as the Alpha Crew for Q4!

The “Alpha Crew” is a Ranger Wireline Service Quality honorary title bestowed on the crew with exemplary service quality over the quarter.

The winning crew will keep the title for the next quarter and have a magnetized plaque for their unit. Also, similar in fashion to the Ohio State Buckeyes, gold stars are awarded for hardhat markings.

“David and Tristin exemplify an Alpha Crew standard,” said Blake Schulte, division manager for Pressure Pumping in Williston, North Dakota.

Schulte, who nominated the crew for the Positive Energy Award, said they have been a key factor in helping to raise the standards of the division.

“They have been integral in growing the pressure pumping standard,” he said. “While in the shop, they keep busy working to ensure our equipment is ready to go.”

“When they are in the field, they are professional and self-sufficient. They have been willing to help out when asked,” Schulte said.

“In general, Dave and Tristin are skilled professionals who are a valuable asset to Ranger Energy Services.”

Congratulations again to Dave and Tristin of Williston, North Dakota Pressure Pumping for being designated as the Q4 Ranger Wireline Alpha Crew!