CEO Stuart Bodden speaks on panel about gas market outlook

For the second year, Ranger Energy Services attended the THRIVE Energy Conference. The invite only event brings key energy professionals together to collaborate about lessons learned, current trends, and what’s to come in the energy industry.

Stuart Bodden, Ranger’s Chief Executive Officer, was a guest speaker on a panel discussing the National Association of Manufacture’s Oil Service Outlook for gas prices.

For Bodden and the other panelists, it seems there was some consensus on how to balance supply and services as gas prices soften.

“We’ve worked with our teams and our customers to try to get a handle on what we thought might happen,” Bodden said. “I do feel like that a lot of rigs will ultimately find a home and we’ve been working with customers over the last month to find a place for that.”

“If those rigs don’t find a home, we’re not going to drop price so that they can find a home,” he said. “We would much rather bring it back to the field, back to the yard, and let things play out.”

Bodden, along with other key Ranger leadership executives, attended the three-day conference held at Minute Maid Park.