Employees find benefit in Ranger seminar packed with prizes and fun

Karla Gutierrez understands the benefit in connecting with people in the field. That’s why she and others traveled to Floresville, TX this month to help host a benefits seminar for nearly 300 Ranger employees and their families from Pleasanton, TX and surrounding areas.

The three-hour event included a cookout, raffles, giveaways, and a short presentation about Ranger’s comprehensive benefit package.

“The goal of the seminar was to showcase our benefits and really emphasize on their value, cost, and what that means to employees and their families,” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez, who serves as Ranger’s HR Business Partner for the South Rigs, was on hand to greet employees, help with giveaways, and give the benefits presentation.

“We presented information regarding the benefits plans that Ranger offers including medical, dental, vision, 401k, in vitro fertilization (IVF), short and long term disability coverage, basic life insurance and much more,” she said.

Mikey Hopkins, Ranger’s Vice President for South Rigs, said the concept for the event came up after discussions with employees and during steering teams’ meetings.

“We came to the conclusion that employees did not know or fully understand our benefits,” Hopkins said. “We brainstormed and decided that the best way to get this information out was to get their spouses and families in the room and break down our offerings.”

Hopkins said it was important for employees to fully understand Ranger’s benefits to realize their long-term value.

“We wanted to ensure our employees had a full understanding of our overall benefits program in an effort to maximize their potential earnings and reduce costs relating to their insurance coverage,” he said. “Additionally, it’s important that our employees understand everything that Ranger has to offer in an effort to reduce turnover.”

Hopkins, along with Gutierrez and more than 10 other Ranger mingled with employees, answered their questions, and assisted with the event that some 300 employees and their families attended.

“I enjoyed seeing and meeting all the employees, their spouses and kids,” she said.

Kevin Gibson, the Eagleford Division Manager for South Rigs, helped with the preparation of the event, cooked food, and shared his own personal experience with Ranger’s benefits.

Gibson said he and his family have found so much value in the benefits package since he joined Ranger in 2014.

Ranger employees who attended were able to participate in raffles with prizes including a Smoker valued at $800, ear pods, JBL Speakers, Yeti backpack coolers, ice chests, Bubba Blades and customized Ranger cutting boards, TVs, a PS5, Nintendo’s, fishing poles, rocking chairs, various gift cards, and Pit Viper sunglasses.

More seminars are planned for various Ranger locations throughout the year.

A big thank you to all the Ranger employees who helped make this a successful event! We appreciate your time and effort!

Kevin Gibson
James Brandon Archer
Jaime Villarreal
Joddie Williams
Jose Hinojosa
Michael Hopkins
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