Ranger looks to hire military talent across lines of businesses

Ranger Energy Services attended RecruitMilitary’s career fair this month at Minute Maid Park. The veteran-owned firm aims to connect military job seekers to job opportunities as they transition into civilian life.

Military experience creates unparalleled skills in the civilian workforce, according to RecruitMilitary.com. Through career fairs, a job dashboard, publications and job placement services, the veteran-owned firm has helped more than two million veterans.

On hand to speak with veterans was Ranger’s Sr. HR Manager for Employee Relations Angela Guevara and HR Business Partner Karla Gutierrez.

“We talked to 80 candidates,” Guevara said.

It was great to hear everyone’s back story and how they want to apply that to their future careers,” she said. “It was also enlightening since a lot of them never considered oil and gas being a career.”

More than 350 candidates and 76 companies attended the fair, which is one of 100 career fairs RecruitMilitary holds each year throughout the U.S.

“Ranger was the only company in the well servicing industry there,” Gutierrez said of the companies in attendance. “We were able to share what Ranger is, elaborate on the great opportunities Ranger has, and discuss the benefits of working here like our benefit plans, 401(k), and work-life balance.”

“Many of the individuals we met did not know where they wanted to go work or had no idea of what they wanted to do since finishing their tour,” Gutierrez said. “We let them know that Ranger is a great place to start as we have a great training program and believe in growing and promoting within.”

Guevara said hiring veterans is a valuable work practice that Ranger believes in.

“We made a presence to show that we value those who severe, not only for our external parties but for our internal as well,” she said. “It’s important to have a diverse workforce and by being there we showed that.”

“Educating them on what we have to offer and tying that to where they want to be was very fulfilling,” Guevara said.