Left to right: Wireline Engineer Chad Nicol, Wireline Lead Operator Juan Relles, Wireline Lead Operator Matt Boshardt, and Wireline Lead Operator Tyson Grayson. Not pictured Wireline Engineer Justin Strang, Wireline Lead Operator Willie Dominguez, and Operator I Tucker Roehi

Casper Yard brings home honorary title for service, again

Congratulations are in order for the Completions Romeo Crew out of Ranger’s Casper Yard in Wyoming! They were selected as Ranger’s 2023 Q1 Alpha Crew!

Each quarter, a crew is selected to be honored as the Alpha Crew based on the service quality over the quarter. The winning crew receives a magnetized plaque for their unit. The Romeo crew will pass on their honorary title to another deserving crew who will hold the title for Q2. Until then, the Romeo Crew will carry on the tradition of being the Alpha Crew.

“I’d like to say thank you to each of them for bringing home the Alpha Award to Casper for the second time since this program has started,” said David Alvey, a District Manager for Ranger’s Casper Yard.

The Completions Romeo Crew is made up of 12 crew members, with Alvey serving as their District Manager.

“It’s exciting to see what each one will bring to the table in the future here at Ranger.”


Left to right: Wireline Lead Operator John Haslem, Operator II Phillip Seward, Wireline Engineer Ryan Richards, Wireline Lead Operator Stephen Butts, and Operator II Kyle Arima.