A Major Permian operator called Ranger to its location to provide a solution to recover approximately 1300’ of capillary string from inside 5 1/2” casing. A competitor had been on-site for two weeks attempting to retrieve capillary string using a conventional spear but was only successful in retrieving small portions of the capillary string on each attempt.

The operator’s supervisor recalled a previous discussion with a Ranger salesman concerning a special spear designed by a Ranger employee for use when conventional spears & scru-grabs were unsuccessful. When Ranger Fishing personnel arrived, the customer was in discussions with a competitor to begin milling operations. Ranger personnel discussed the advantages of this specially designed spear.

The customer approved Ranger to resume operations using the specially designed spear. In a total of six runs, Ranger was able to recover all of the capillary string. The table below details how much we recovered per run.

Run Recovered Capillary String
1 ~150′
2 ~450’
3 ~175’
4 ~150’
5 ~175’
6 ~200’

The ability to remove the capillary string in a timely fashion using the Ranger method offered significant savings in time and cost. Ranger leads the way.

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