Sherry Queen plays key role in moving asset

Imagine the logistics and coordination it takes to move equipment that weighs some four tons from Fort Morgan, CO across the border into Canada—a trip that spans more than 1,000 miles.

That’s exactly what Sherry Queen was able to do when Coiled Tubing Operations Manager Chris Rodriguez needed to send a tractor to Canada for a rebuild by NOV.

“Sherry took the lead on helping us get an asset coil tubing power pack to Canada to Hydra Rig’s facilities for referb,” Rodriguez said about Queen, who serves as the Permit Coordinator for Fort Morgan’s Coiled Tubing line of business.

“She was instrumental in collecting all documentation and communicating with all parties involved to have this asset clear customs with zero issues,” he said.

“I was happy to be able to assist the team with getting the asset to Canada for repairs,” Queen said. “It was an interesting experience working with the group and learning what is needed to get an asset into Canada.”

Rodriguez believes Queen’s attention to detail helped with the successful moving of the asset.

“The thoroughness of her actions helped streamline the process and ensured we ran into no issue with moving an asset into a different country,” he said.