If someone’s got your six, they’ve got your back. This expression comes from the placement of numbers on an analog clock and appears to have originated with military pilots in WWII.

Ranger Energy Services wants everyone to know that when it comes to Stop Work Accountability, we’ve “Got Your Six.”

At Ranger, SWA stands for Stop Work Accountability. Accountability means obligation. Each of our employees has the authority and the obligation to modify the work plan to perform safely. Ranger shares our customers’ commitment to safety and celebrates the use of SWA by our employees. 

Safety is an integral part of everything we do at Ranger Energy Services – we’ve “Got Your Six.” 

To learn more about our safety initiatives, visit https://www.rangerenergy.com/about/qhse/.

To read how one crew out of Wharton exercised SWA, visit: https://www.rangerenergy.com/2022/stop-work-accountability/